PackPoint is a smart packing list app for travelers. The app will tell users what they need to pack analyzing dozens of factors such as the length of travel, weather, and planned activities during the trip. It took us four months to develop a handy packing list app for globetrotters. Check how we built a packing list app for iOS below.

Project idea

The client came with the greatest app ideas to develop a smart packing list app. PackPoint should be not just a simple packing list app for jet-setters. It should automatically generate what travels should pack to their suitcases based on the destination point, weather forecast, type of a trip, its length, and planned activities.
Users just need to tell the app their gender, length of the trip, the destination, and type of the trip - business or leisure. PackPoint will offer suggestions for what to pack first - cameras or business cards. Then travelers should be able to adjust lists - remove and add their own items.

quick facts:

4 months
Packing List App

Smart packing for business trips and holidays

Easy-to-use packing list app for iOS and Android
PackPoint is an ultimate list packing app for anyone who loves traveling. The app can help first travelers as well as experienced globetrotters pack suitcases and take everything needed during holidays.
PackPoint is far better than pen-and-paper lists because it can forecast the weather, plan your activities and make sure users take everything for their vacation or business trip. As soon as PackPoint finds out the destination point, it starts generating a personalized travel list based on the destination, weather, and activities.
For example, if a user chooses “hiking”, the app will automatically add tracking boots, a compass, etc. to the travel list. And if a user selects “trip with kids”, PackPoint will add medicine, kids clothes, etc. to the travel list. In other words, it’s hardly possible to forget anything while packing suitcases with PackPoint.
Project challenges
• Easy-to-use and navigate app
• Seamless sync with Evernote and other 3rd party services
• Weather updates
• Places auto-suggestion
• Powerful analyzing system
• Application customizations
• Monetization plans
Target audience
The app is designed for anyone who travels both for business as well as leisure.
We worked hand-in-hand with the client to deliver a handy travel packing app. It took us around four months to build and deliver an iOS app. PackPoint was named Fodor’s Best Travel App.

Main features of the app

See how PackPoint help pack a suitcase
Thanks to multiple filters such as a travel destination, trip length, planned activities, PackPoint carefully analyzes a forthcoming trip and generate a list.
List maker
Users can take advantage of auto-generated travel lists as well as create theirs. Along with personalized travel lists, PackPoint’s users can add or remove items from the auto-generated lists.
Weather forecast
PackPoint check weather automatically. And if there are high chances of rain or extreme heat, it will warn users and add additional items to the list such as sunscreen or an umbrella.
Send and share travel lists
PackPoint allows easy sharing of travel lists via messages or social networks. Users can generate lists and then share them with their family or friends.

tech stack

See how the project been brought to life:
Google Places SDK
Dark Sky Weather API
Evernote SDK
Amazon S3
Apple TestFlight
App Store

what our users say:

Great and useful for packing for trips. Links to tripit which is very useful to sync the trip info.
I’ve been using this app for the last year or two and quite pleased with it’s ease-of-use. I’ve never forgotten a thing that I needed and I love the fact that you can add things that may not be listed.
App Store
Fun and easy to use. I'm excited about starting to pack. I am learning that I don't need to stuff my suitcase.
Aldona D'Angelo
Play Market
It’s made my list of top ten travel apps every year on my website, Compass & Key. Highly recommended!
App Store