Cherie is a mobile social networking app that helps users from all over the world to meet people of influence from various industries. We built iOS and Android apps with a great UI and UX design to attract new users and engage them in using the platform.

Project idea

The client came up with the idea of creating a remote mentoring platform to enable people of influence from various industries to spread knowledge and promote industry growth. Cherie should also be an on-demand social platform: hostess, dinner dates, private parties, and so on. Users should be able to search Cherries by various filters, view their photos and videos, and request bookings.
Cherries and Clients should be able to schedule bookings, communicate with text, audio, or video calls. The application should have an In-App currency, so users can request bookings, and have paid video-calls with Cherries.

quick facts:

10 months
Networking App
iOS, Android
iOS, Android

Find. Chat. Grow with Cherie

Powerful mentoring platform for influencers from various spheres
Cherie is designed to enable influencers (cheries) from different areas including music, culture, art, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, health, movies, and business to inspire and empower people (advocates).
Cherie is a mentoring network that helps build connections with like-minded people and learn from the influencers through the exchange of industry-related ideas, guidance, and valuable information.
The platform is a great meeting point when anyone can network with industry leaders: ask questions, get advice, and share knowledge. Influencers or cheries spread their expertise and promote growth for advocates. Cherie creates a friendly environment for people to get help from experienced and well-rounded professionals.
Project challenges
• Geolocation and maps
• Messaging
• Real-time video and audio calls
• Third-party API integration
• In-app purchases
• PayPal and Stripe integration
Target audience
Cherie is targeted at anyone willing to share or acquire knowledge, become an influencer or a famous online guru.
Development and release of Cherie apps for iOS and Android. Along with app development, we took care of the admin panel and API server. It took us around 10 months to release Cherie apps.

Main features of the app

Every text message gets Cherie users closer to each other. They can set up share their knowledge, set up meetings or just chat without exiting the app and using other messengers.
Audio and video calls
Cherie users can schedule paid video-calls to learn from well-rounded and experienced influencers. While educating via audio or video calls, influencers get paid for hosting buzz sessions and lecturing.
Request and book meetings
App’s booking system allows users to schedule meetings and even discuss topics of forthcoming sessions. Also, the Cherie app will notify users of upcoming meetings so nothing will be missed.
Thanks to Stripe and PayPal integrations, advocates can pay for lectures and influencers get paid for their advice.

tech stack

Geolocation & maps
Third party API integration
In-App Purchases
Bank and card transfers with Stripe
Audio and video calls
Apple TestFlight
App Store

what our users say:

Genuinely such a good system, have been using it for the past few weeks and have had so much fun. Get on it.
Cielo Croci
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Awesome app absolutely loved using it!! Very user-friendly and easy to navigate to what you want.
Heidi Mau
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Its cool to have this app. Fast and reliable. Ill share this to my friends. 👍
mederick mediana
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A great app, easy to use and beautiful user interface, Excellent job guys.
Issa Sallam
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