A simple construction field report and punch list tool that saves lot of time and nerves by generating and accessing construction reports onsite. Draft, draw, make notes and take photos and comment from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Project idea

The client came with the idea of going mobile. So we needed to develop a construction manager app for existing ArchiSnapper service. It should seamlessly synchronize all projects and report data in the cloud and grant 24/7 access to all reports and punch lists from any device.
Architects should be able to create field reports for their projects: add remarks, mark construction statuses, take photos, make notes, and add them to PDF plans and field reports.

quick facts:

6 months
Field report & punch list app
iOS and Android

Onsite reporting has never been easier

ArchiSnapper takes all grunt work away
Architects, interior and exterior designers, engineers, construction professionals, and even homeowners can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of drafting and managing punch lists and site reports on their handheld devices.
ArchiSnapper isn’t just an architectural drawing app, it’s a powerful and useful app for construction and field reports. ArchiSnapper app takes all the tedious work out of drawing up reports and allows designers or architects to quickly develop onsite field documents and file audits in a few taps.
Project challenges
• Simultaneous development for iOS and Android
• Integration into the existing system
• Seamless synchronization between the web server and mobile app
• Tight deadline
• Ongoing updates of the original idea and business logic
• Processing HUGE amounts of data in real time
Target audience
ArchiSnapper is targeted at everyone related to construction: architects, interior designers, engineers, and construction professionals.
As a result, construction mobile app for iOS and Android was developed, that is ready to use, scalable and responds required business objectives.

Main features of the project

Collect important data, save pictures, notes, and comments during site visits
ArchiSnapper can not only draft or generate field reports but also take photos and notes during site visits. This app for construction field reports completely changes the way designers and architects carry out field inspections.
Generate field reports straight from a smartphone or tablet
Users can add remarks, mark construction statuses, take photos, make notes, and add them to PDF plans, reports and onsite observations.
Pre-fill repeated fields
With this construction manager mobile app, users can take advantage of all previous reports, blueprints or standard checklists as a starting point for generating onsite or any other reports.
Access projects 24/7 with cloud storage
Users don’t need to hassle with USBs or cables to sync their data between their devices. Using ArchiSnapper construction mobile application for iphone, Notes, items, pictures, and reports are automatically classified, numbered and synced to the cloud. Users can access all reports and data 24/7 from any device including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
Sync between all devices and the cloud
Inspection reports, punch lists, and field reports are quickly synced between devices. With ArchiSnapper, the inspection time is cut in half or more. Users can start drafting reports via their architecture app for iPad, and continue their work via ArchiSnapper desktop version. Thanks to Realm database, we cut down the time required for synchronization, and increased overall app performance 4x times!

tech stack

Amazon S3
Apple TestFlight
App Store