Kyrylo Savytskyi


Hello. My name is Kyrylo, and I am an iOS applications developer based in Eastern Europe, Ukraine.

Right now I'm getting my master degree in Computer Science, and also working on gaining experience every day.

You can usually find me in front of my Mac, making apps in Xcode, Sublime Text, or Vim. For an iOS development I either use Objective-C or Rubymotion.

Although mobile apps development is my main passion, sometimes I make web apps too. Most of the time I use Ruby on Rails or Django for it, but for a smaller project i always use Python micro-frameworks.

I'm currently available for hire and looking for a new challenges. If you have some interesting ideas or projects, just send me an email, or mention me on twitter.

I prefer a remote jobs, but I'm also ready to work with a nice team in an office. Willing to relocate. You can find my resume in html, or here in pdf.



Lunch App


Lunch app is a digital menu with built-in ordering system. It allows users to view and order dishes in a restaurant right from their smartphones and tablets.

Lunch app has a server and a client. Main goal of a server is to receive a new orders. Server also allows restaurateurs and managers to create and update menu, check orders or visitors statistics and much more.

Client is an iOS application, that allows user to download new menu from a server, or update existing. If menu is already downloaded, it shows information about every available dish, like its photo, price, description, or rating.

technical details: iOS application was written with Objective-C, server was made on Ruby on Rails.

project duration: ~6 months.


Cent App


Cent app is a simple expense tracking application that saves your time. It tries to understand where are you now, and fills all payment info according to it. Are you in a cafe now? Cent knows that you have a lunch now. Book store? Obviously, you're buiyng some books.

technical details: Cent app was made with Objective-C. Foursquare API is used to get a location info.

project duration: ~1.5 months.


Just Checkers


Just Checkers is a checkers game for iPad. It has 3 different game modes: International checkers, British draughts, and Russian checkers. You can player either with your friends, or versus iPad. Three additional chessboard skins included.

technical details: Just checkers was written on Objective-C with a Cocos2D framework.

project duration: ~1 months.